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About Optisquare

Optisquare is a sales optimization platform, that helps businesses hire the best possible front-line staff and then train and motivate them, to be amazing everytime they stand in front of a customer.

We use big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, so Optisquare can make its own decisions and actions, to improve staff performance.

Be ready for launch

We are almost ready with our front-line sales staff optimization platform. Please sign up and be invited for pre launch trials and to be the first to know when we launch.

Based on experience

The project started while CEO & Founder Danny Fabricius Fogel was CEO & Owner in a Promotion company. A position he has had for nine years. While analyzing results of the promotion activities, it became very clear that the main ingredients for great performance was:

  • The personal profile of the employee (personality).
  • How and when the employee is trained.
  • How and when the employee is motivated.

Based on these founding’s, the technology platform used was adjusted to support personal profiling, training, motivation and performance measuring.

In 2017 Danny founded Optisquare, who bought the technology from the promotion company and are now developing the last adjustments and implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses in the Food & Beverages-, Consumer electronics-, Beauty-, Telemarketing-, Retail-, Hospitality- and Leisure industry to improve their sales.

We plan to launch at the end of first quarter in 2018.

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